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Chicago O’Hare Airport Limousine Transfer to and from Chicago and Chicago Suburbs

Chicago O’Hare International Airport limousine transportation 

Chicago O’Hare Airport Limousine Transfer, Chicago O’Hare Airport Car service, Chicago O’Hare Airport Shuttle service, Chicago O’Hare Airport Corporate Limousine Service


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Limousine Service  in Chicago and Surrounding Suburbs

Pick Up Instructions  for Chicago O'Hare Airport Limo:


1. Collect your entire luggage.


2. Locate the door number you are exiting (it is located on the top of the door you are exiting)


3. Call our dispatch at (312) 602-2465 After you place the call, depending on time of day and traffic at O’Hare Airport , we will be able to pick you up in about 3-5 minutes on average. Our Dispatch office will provide you with the description of the vehicle, LICENSE PLATE AND COLOR.

How far in advance do I need to make a reservation  for an Chicago Airport Limo?

Please make your reservation at least 48 hours prior to your airport limo transportation date. In order for us to provide you with the best possible service we need time to schedule a limo for you so please arrange your limo transportation as soon as possible. 


How do I find my limo / car  at the airport ?

On the date of your arrival, as long as we have a valid flight number we know exactly what time you’re landing, so we will be expecting your call. Our dispatch will ask you two things: 1. If you picked up your entire luggage  2. Which door will you be exiting? As soon as we have all that information our dispatch will provide you with a description and a license plate number of your limo / car.


My flight is delayed. Will I or my credit card be charged for the delay / wait time for an Chicago Airport Limo?

No. We do NOT charge waiting time for any flight delays.


My arriving flight was cancelled. Will my credit card be charged for an Chicago Airport Limo?

No. We do not charge  your credit card if your flight was cancelled as long as we have a valid flight number on file. If your flight cancelled, and you still need our service for a Chicago airport limo please call our dispatch at (312) 602-2465 when you reschedule your flight.


I want to pay cash, why do you still need my credit card information???We need your credit card information so we can hold your reservation and dispatch one of our airport limos.


How much is standard gratuity for an Chicago Airport Limo? Standard gratuity (tip) is 20%.


Do you collect sales tax for an Chicago Airport Limo? Yes a $4 tax will be added to your total balance. The price we advertise, that's the amount we collect, NO HIDDEN FEES.


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Chicago Airport O’Hare limo services

Chicago Airport Limo O’Hare Airport Limousine Service in Chicago has been servicing Chicago for many, many years. We are one of Chicago O’Hare Airport's most well known and well respected limo transportation companies in the greater Chicago area.


Chicago O’Hare Airport Limousine , Chicago Limo Net offers airport transfer / transportation / car service to and from Abbott, Addison, Algonquin , Alsip, Antioch, Argonne, Arlington Heights, Aurora, Bannockburn, Barrington Hills, Bartlett, Batavia, Beach Park, Bedford Park, Beecher, Bellwood, Bensenville, Berkley.


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